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A watermark is a faint image shown on top of another image to mark that image, usually with a logo. You can apply your company's logo as a watermark to your design, for example, to indicate your company's ownership of your work. Although you can add an arbitrary image to your design with the Add Image tool, when you set a watermark, it will be added as a semi-transparent overlay to all designs that you print or export.

The Plandroid logo used as a watermark
Watermark example

You can select a watermark image to apply to your design from the Tools menu item: Tools -> Options -> Report -> Set watermark image. The watermark will appear in any exported design images (File -> Export -> Design as Image File), and in your report design diagrams.

A watermark is normally shown faintly enough that it won't distract from your design. However, if you wish to have your watermark appear even more subtly, you can create it in a format that supports transparency, such as .png or .gif, and make it semi-transparent to begin with.

Note that your supplier may also include a watermark in their catalog, which will also be applied whenever you are using parts from their catalog.

Printing to PDF with Watermarks

It seems that many PDF printer programs have difficulty printing layers and transparencies correctly. If your current PDF printer program incorrectly prints your watermark over the top of your design, you may need to install a different PDF printer which functions correctly. If you have this problem, we recommend using the free Nitro PDF Reader, which comes with a good PDF printer, able to print your designs and watermarks correctly. (This program will associate all PDF files to itself, which you may need to change if you prefer to use a different program to view your PDFs. You can do this in Windows File Explorer under the menu item Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types.)

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