Please contact us if you would like to get further information or help about testing, buying, or using Plandroid. We would also appreciate hearing from you if you have any feedback, bug reports, or new functionality you'd like to see in the product.

Also, if you are a parts manufacturer and would like to have your parts catalogues made available for your customers to use in Plandroid, please contact us.

The Plandroid product is developed and sold by DelftRed Simulation Technology.


Want to contact DelftRed? Do you have a suggestion? a complaint? or a message? Contact details are below.


You can email us at info_plandroid_com (mouse over the text)

The DelftRed website is at

If you are a registered with Plandroid, you can also log a support request.


+61 8 7324 5585 (office hours, Australian Central Time)

+61 410 833 241 (mobile, out of office hours)


+61 8 7324 5480

Physical Address

DelftRed Simulation Technology
64 North Terrace
Kent Town
SA 5067 Australia


DelftRed's ABN is 48 316 526 386.