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Version 5.0.1 Released!

Published on 20 October, 2017

Plandroid version 5.01 has now been released. This is a major release that has a new professional Report text editor, a new lighting design mode, support for different duct draw styles curved walls, Y-ducts, new foam ducts, a SimPRO link upgrade, and many other new features. Check the full release notes for details.

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Version 4.3.3 Released

Published on 9 November, 2016

Plandroid version 4.3.3 has now been released. This version allows you to specify your Automatic Design settings on a per design mode basis. So you can use certain parts for an evaporative system, and other parts for a reverse cycle system, for example. Additional suppliers are now supported with direct ordering - Ductair, and Climat users. The major addition for this release is the large number of new and upgraded catalogs. Check the full release notes for details.

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Version 4.3.2 Released

Published on 21 April, 2016

Plandroid version 4.3.2 has now been released. This version gives you complete control over which parts show their labels in the design canvas, lets you hide all labels with a new toolbar button, and lets you clone your program settings from one machine to another. Plus there are many usability improvements, and catalog upgrades. Upgrade to the new version now!

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Version 4.3 Released

Published on 1 October, 2015

Plandroid version 4.3.0 has now been released. Another major release, this version has the ability to upload take-off lists to SimPRO, a new small duct system (SDS) design mode (plus SDS auto-designer), velocity-based auto duct sizing, resizable parts, and a timber walkway drawing tool. Many new catalogs have been added and upgraded, and many more improvements added. Upgrade now!

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Version 4.2 Released

Published on 31 October, 2014

Plandroid version 4.2.0 has now been released. This is a major release with many new features, including: a new heating design mode, ducts and other user-drawn parts can show their lengths in their labels, the Add Notes Tool supports pinning notes for reuse, there is a new AutoRecover function, any parts on the canvas can be marked "not for printing", plus much more.

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Version 4.1 Released

Published on 17 May, 2014

Plandroid version 4.1.0 has now been released. This is a major release with many new features, including: explicit design modes for creating refrigerated or evaporative designs, penetrations that connect duct between levels, ability to set vertical rise distances, symbols that can be resized on the canvas, rigid ducting that can be set to any depth, plus much more.

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Version 4.0 Released

Published on 12 September, 2013

Plandroid version 4.0.3 has now been released. This is a major release, with an upgraded user interface, a complete automatic design feature, full plan image editing capabilities, the ability to view multiple levels to align penetrations, a new draw dimension tool, the ability to save PDFs in the Plandroid save file, plus lots more.

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Version 3.3 Released

Published on 24 January, 2013

Plandroid version 3.3 has now been released. With this version you can automatically lay out sized outlets and a unit based on your load zones, you can align and space items on the design canvas, and you can keep an order trail of items that you have ordered.

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Version 3.2 Released

Published on 27 September, 2012

Plandroid version 3.2 has now been released. With the new version, catalogue "Favourites" can be freely configured, more supplier catalogues are available, ordering by email has been improved, plus much more!

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Version 3.1 Released

Published on 31 July, 2012

Plandroid version 3.1 has been released. The new version simplifies the modification of custom price edit files, lets you filter your take-off sheet by manufacturer, lets you reuse notes you've entered in the Design page, and has a significantly expanded collection of catalogues.

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Version 3.0 Released!

Published on 5 May, 2012

Plandroid version 3.0 has been released, including automatic duct sizing, airflow calculations, and colour-coded ducts.

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Derby Units Catalog Available For Download

Published on 18 November, 2011

A new Derby Units catalog is now available for download.

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New Plandroid Upgrade Available!

Published on 1 November, 2011

Plandroid is Now Available!

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Help Documentation Available On-line

Published on 28 June, 2011

You can now surf the Plandroid Help documentation at your leisure on-line, by following the Documentation link.

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Major Plandroid Upgrade Available - Version 2.0!

Published on 9 June, 2011

Plandroid is now released - a major upgrade to the software, supporting joining parts with snap-to, and adding your own images to the design.

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