Plandroid Help Documentation

What is Plandroid?

Plandroid is a simple and convenient air conditioning ducting design and job quoting tool. It allows you to create a ducting design superimposed over any house plan graphic you import, using components from a real catalog of real parts. It creates a costing table based on those parts, and creates reports by inserting all the relevant data into your own report templates. The program is friendly enough for a casual user who will only occasionally create a design, yet powerful enough for the professional designer who needs to create accurate and attractive layouts on a daily basis.

Getting Started

If this is the first time you've used Plandroid, browse through the Quick Overview to get an idea of what the program can do.

If you are familiar with Plandroid, you can find detailed coverage of the program in the Product Tour, and help on accomplishing common tasks in the How Do I? section.

More information can be found on the Plandroid website:, including training videos and facilities for logging a support request.

The Plandroid training and demo video is available on-line, which will give you an overview of the product in under 10 minutes:

Plandroid training and demo video

Plandroid is a product of DelftRed Simulation Technology.