Plandroid is a simple and efficient graphical software tool for ducted air conditioning / HVAC or hydronic system design and quoting. It allows you to create a CAD-style ducting design superimposed over a house plan image, using components from your hardware supplier's actual parts catalog. Plandroid calculates basic heat loads, does a costing of your design, and creates reports for your customer, installer, or supplier. The graphical design process is simple and intuitive - vastly simpler than traditional CAD, and with much clearer results.

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Are your sales quotes truly professional?

Plandroid is an essential tool if you want to have the best air conditioning sales team possible. If you are a leader in the industry, you need to have the professionalism and efficiency that only Plandroid can deliver.

Plandroid helps you quote on ducted air conditioning installations, and converts those quotes into sales:

Plandroid will help you make money:

Plandroid is so straightforward to use, you can have a less experienced staff member use it to do your quoting and ordering, freeing up your own time.

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Plandroid runs under Microsoft Windows.


Plandroid paid for itself in the first week we used it. It has been instrumental in winning many high-end jobs over our competitors because we can sell our proposals much more effectively when the design of the client's air conditioning system is done using Plandroid. Our installers now won't accept plans done in any other way except with Plandroid.

Plandroid is a powerful tool in our industry, intuitive to use, and best of all outstanding value for money. It has quickly become instrumental in the profitability of our business by putting us way ahead of the competition in our presentation and the efficiency of our sales processes. Plandroid is earning us money every single day and now we cannot imagine designing air-conditioning any other way...

- Ty Carter, Admiral Mechanical Services Pty Ltd, Booragoon, Western Australia

I had no idea how powerful Plandroid is and how straight forward and easy it is to navigate. This has drastically improved cashflow as I am no longer tying up time sorting through materials and having to work everything out myself. What you have created is magnificent - I would strongly recommend this to anyone in the HVAC business.

- Dylan Agius, JS Air-Conditioning and Heating Pty Ltd, Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia

Plandroid has been a revelation to our air conditioning company! We can now size, cost, quote, plan and order a system in one go. I have been blown away by the power and functionality of this software and it has far exceeded my original expectations. The Plandroid team have been superb to deal with and always willing to assist. The updates and ongoing support have been great and gives me confidence in the continual success of this software. I would highly recommend Plandroid to anyone — except my competitors!

- Rob Dines, Ocean Air Custom Air Conditioning Solutions, Geraldton, Western Australia

I'd like to thank the Plandroid team for a wonderful program and for their help since we purchased the Plandroid program. I had the privilege of using Plandroid, and following the pleasurable experience, I would like to recommend the same for others. Taking a leap into modern technology we haven't looked back. This program has paid for itself not only in the sales it has helped us secure but the professionalism it offers which is reflected in our quotes. It has saved money with eliminating mistakes on product quantities required, it is accurate on its duct measurements, allowing us to get our estimates of duct correct, saving time for the installers having correct amounts of product. I have used it for general ventilation plans and it works just as well for complex duct air conditioning plans.

It is a pleasure to work with a company which not only understands and accommodate customers request but adds value to them through inventive ideas and applications. I am delighted with Plandroid and see this as a start of a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

- Cherry Browne, Owner Manager & Technical Designer, Airflow Engineering - The HVAC Shop, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ford and Doonan air conditioning started using Plandroid in 2011. The whole group moved to Plandroid in 2013 as the performance of the software has got better and better. We find the software delivers a quality drawing and thus presentation, and saves money when any changes are required, it is a simple 5 minute job to amend the drawings. The drawings make our deliveries to the scheduling departments and field installers uniform. We highly recommend Plandroid.

- Andrew Ford, Managing Director, Ford and Doonan Group, Perth, Western Australia

We have found that by using Plandroid we set ourselves apart in both the domestic and commercial market with a professional appearance for works of all sizes, without the need for expensive and overly complex CAD drawing programs. It has been our feedback from customers that they appreciate the simplicity with which they can understand difficult to describe duct runs and component locations, which in the end leads to more jobs. We have no hesitation in recommending the Plandroid program to anyone who wants to make their business stand out from the crowd!

- Daniel Sharp, Sharp Cooling Repair & Service, Artarmon, New South Wales, Australia

I've always drawn by hand so it seemed somewhat daunting initially but, after a brief training session, it became apparent Plandroid was simple and intuitive to use. The rest was just practice. I can now produce a schematic in minutes that previously took at least half an hour. The hardest part was overcoming my own resistance to change. The rest was really very simple.

- Adrian Hassall, Ford and Doonan, Canning Vale, Western Australia

I would like to say how impressed we are with your program. I think I only message you with my problems, but never actually say how impressed we are and how much it has helped to grow of business and most importantly made us more efficient and accurate with design and quoting. Keep up the great work mate - we wouldn’t be without Plandroid as part of our day to day business.

- Kane Brewer, HVAC Supplies, Newstead, Tasmania, Australia