Plandroid Help Documentation

You can export your design to an image file in PNG format from the Design tab using the menu item File -> Export Design as Image File. Any image viewing or editing software can open files in this format.

Note that this will save your design as an image at double your screen resolution, which although quite high, is still much lower quality than printer resolution. If you print an image that has been captured at this resolution, it can appear low quality and blocky (pixellated) at high zoom levels, or when printed at high resolution. If you want to print your design, it is better to print directly from the program using the menu item File -> Print -> Design Diagram. If you wish to send an image to someone else to print, it is better to print the design to PDF and send the resulting file. In any case, there may be some small loss of quality even when printing from a PDF, and the appearance of your design may be slightly altered.

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