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A report template is a file that contains your own custom text, images, and choice of data from your design that you wish to use each time you create a report.

You can create your own template files easily by editing the report text, inserting the fields you wish to include, and then choosing the report context menu item Save As Template. This will copy the current document to your templates directory, but with empty data fields. To use this new template, simply double click it in the Templates list as you would normally, and the fields you have inserted will be instantiated with the data from your current design.

You can also use an external editor such as Word or WordPad to customise a report template. If you choose this method, you will need to create your own file in either Word (*.doc or *.docx) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf), and then import it into the Templates selection list on the Report page. This can be done either with the menu item Import -> Report Template, or by simply dragging and dropping the rich text file into the Templates selection view on the Report page. (You may consider first exporting one of the template files to use as a basis from which to work, using the menu item File -> Export -> Report as Word or RTF document.

How to set up your own template file is described in detail in the Templates section.

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