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You can use Plandroid just with the demonstration catalog to generate attractive plan diagrams, but naturally the program is much more powerful when you are working from your supplier's real catalog. When you use your supplier's catalog, you are using the correct part numbers and prices. Plandroid comes with a number of part and unit catalogs as part of the installation, but to get updates and new catalogs you will need to download and install them.

Downloading a Catalog

If your parts supplier has already made their catalog available for use in Plandroid, then the catalog will be available for download from the website on the Catalogs page. Click on the Download link for the catalog you require and note where you save it. If the catalog is in .zip format, you will first need to unzip it using your preferred unzip program (for example, in Windows XP right click on the file name in your file explorer, and choose Open With -> Compressed (Zipped) Folders. In Windows 7, right click on the file name and select Extract All).

Installing a Catalog

To install a new catalog follow these steps:

  1. Start the Plandroid application
  2. Go to the menu item Import -> Catalog or Icon File
  3. Browse to where you saved (or unzipped) the downloaded catalog, and press the Open button

The new catalog will now be copied into Plandroid's catalog directory, along with any new icons that were in the subdirectory <CatalogName>_Images. The new catalog can be selected as an active catalog and used immediately.

Getting a New Catalog

If your catalog is not yet available on the Plandroid catalog download page, you can request that we provide the catalog for you. We do aim to provide as wide a range of catalogs as possible, although this service is not automatically included as technical support under an ordinary licence. Will need technical and pricing information on the items going into a catalog, so you would normally need to contact your parts supplier and ask them to contact us at to arrange for their catalog data to be made available.

Note that although it is possible to edit your own catalog file, this is recommended for advanced users only and requires some technical background. The details are covered in the Catalog File Structure section.

Licences can be locked to a supplier

Plandroid supports a licence mechanism whereby the program can be locked to one or more specific suppliers. With such a restricted licence, the program can only be used with parts or units catalogs from the allowed supplier. You can check if your licence is locked to a specific supplier by looking at your licensing information in the menu item Help -> Licensing Info.

All Generic catalogs can still be read with a locked licence.

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