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You need to install 3rd-party PDF printing software to be able to print to PDF from Plandroid (or from almost any other program) . This software will normally appear as a printer in your available printer list. You can then print in the usual manner, using the menu item File -> Print etc. Once you select your PDF creator as a printer, the program will print to PDF.

Although there are a number of free and good quality PDF printer programs available, none offer a foolproof solution. We recommend using Nitro PDF Reader, which comes with a good PDF printer. Not all PDF printers are able to print watermarks to a PDF correctly, which the Nitro PDF printer is able to do (see How Do I Apply a Watermark to my Design? for more information). However, this printer can sometimes have trouble printing all parts correctly, and has difficulties with semi-transparent floor plan images. In these cases you may get better results with the Primo PDF Printer. This handles all the icon images better, but has less attractive presentation of load zones, and does not handle watermarks at all. Both PDF printers can be installed alongside each other, so you can choose which one works best for the outcome you require.

Printing Multiple Plan Levels to One PDF Document

If you need to print multiple plan levels to a single PDF document, you need to use a PDF printer program that supports the append print option. From the Design page, print all of your design diagrams to the same PDF document and add them with the append print option. This will produce a single PDF document with a page for each plan level. (Note that not all PDF printer programs support the append print option, but it is supported by Nitro PDF Reader amongst others).

Printing Reports to PDF in High Quality

If you print your design to PDF from the Design page, it will be printed in vector format, which means it will be at full resolution on any paper size or at any zoom level. However, if you print your design from the Report page as an inserted design diagram, that diagram will not be printed at full resolution as it is no longer in vector format. It can appear pixellated (as if made of blocks) to some degree when zoomed in or when printed at high resolution. A work-around for this situation is to print your report document to PDF without any design diagrams, and then to go to the Design page and print your design diagrams to the same PDF document with the append print option, as described above. In this way you can produce a single report document in PDF, but with your designs at full vector resolution.

When printing to PDF, the print dialog will often have a Preferences button that provides access to the printer quality settings. Print-ready conversion quality will provide the highest quality image (but also with the largest file size).

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