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In the Costing page, there are two types of cost items. There are the cost items for the parts that you have used in your design, and which are automatically added by the program. And there are other items, (user cost items), that you can add yourself to cover anything else that should be costed.

User Cost Items

You can add your own user cost items with the Add Cost Item menu button (Add cost item). You can then proceed to edit all of that item's properties except its product code. Its cost will also be included in the total cost.

Any user cost items that you have added and edited can be added again to later designs. From the Costing page context menu select Add User Cost Item. This gives you a list of the recently edited user cost items which you can re-insert. Items that you always want to have included in the costing table can be set to be added to every design with the context menu item Always Add This Item (Always add icon).

If you have your own set of cost items that you wish to be able to add, you can add each of those items to the Costing page, mark them as Always Add, and set each quantity to zero. When you want to add the item to a new design, just enter the appropriate quantity you wish to have in its quantity column. You can also use the Highlight Row toolbar button (Highlight row button) to highlight group headers or otherwise make a visual distinction between groups of items that you have added.

Catalog Items

To have cost items automatically inserted by the program, you need to select a catalog that contains parts representing those items. Although it is not straightforward, it is possible to create your own catalog file, or add your own parts to an existing catalog file. How to do so is covered in the Catalog File Structure section. (Note that any modified catalog file will need to be digitally signed by DelftRed Simulation Technology to be valid).

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