Plandroid Help Documentation

If you require technical support to use a feature of Plandroid or to report a bug, you can contact us at

But first, please do check the relevant section of this help documentation, to see if your question is answered there.

For technical issues and bugs it is usually very helpful if you send us your log files and the .pd save file that you're working on. Your log files tell us information about your system set up and often contain valuable clues about what might be happening with your issue. You can send us your log files with the menu item Help -> Technical Support -> Send Log Files. We of course treat your log file information confidentially.

Please report any bugs you find and let us know what new features you want to see in future versions of Plandroid. It is only with your help and feedback that we can make the program better - for you.

While the program supports multiple languages in the user interface, support is conducted in English unless you have a local office that speaks your native language.

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