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Design Modes

Plandroid has a number of different Design Modes that let you tell the program what type of design you want to make:

Plandroid Features List

  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • Fully interactive graphical design
  • Drag-and-drop parts from a catalogue, with snap-to connections
  • Drawing of ducting and other flexible components
  • Creates sized designs fully automatically
  • ...Or use automatic duct sizing on your own design
  • Create refrigerated, evaporative, or gas ducted heating designs
  • A dedicated hydronics design mode for underfloor coils or above floor panels
  • Venturi (high velocity duct) & lighting design modes licensed separately
  • Supports flexible duct, rigid duct, & wall-mounted air conditioning designs
  • Price your design by component, or by rigid duct material used
  • Import house plan images, or draw your own building layouts
  • Directly set the scale of house plans
  • Draw load zones, and automatically calculate heat loads
  • Automatic costing of take-off lists, including installation labour costs
  • Supports uploading take-off lists directly to SimPRO
  • Change duct types or swap other parts at the click of a button
  • Customise your design with your own logos or images
  • Excellent support for multiple building levels
  • Automatic report generation using document templates
  • Works in metric (SI) or US customary units
  • Includes a full-featured catalog editor for making your own catalogs

Plandroid® in action

Plandroid is a design and quoting tool for professionals in the air conditioning industry. It is specifically designed to make it easy and efficient to design a retrofitted ducted air conditioning system and to generate quotes from the design. A design can be created or modified in front of a customer to get the right system at the right price to satisfy their needs.

It is so easy to modify a design in Plandroid that you can quickly set up your own design templates, and reuse previous designs on new jobs with a minimum of rework.

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